5 Reasons to Ditch the Laundromat in 2022

5 Reasons to Ditch the Laundromat in 2022

Are you tired of making grueling trips to the laundromat? It can be time-consuming, costly, and unsafe, depending on where you live. Laundromats are becoming less popular in the United States because modern laundry services are raising the bar. 

Here are five reasons you should stop going to the laundromat in 2022. 

Shared Machines Are Not Secure

One of the biggest problems with going to the laundromat is the possibility that your clothes will be stolen. 

Most laundromats have no security features to lock washing machines and dryers. This means that anyone can come in and take your clothes out of the machines. If you don’t want to spend hours waiting at the laundromat, you run the risk of theft. 

Laundromats Can Be Costly

Over time, laundromat expenses add up. The typical laundromat charges between $2 and $8 per cycle for laundry. If you total the cost of all of the trips you make to the laundromat over the months and years, that can be a big chunk of change. 

Laundromats charge a flat rate per load of laundry, so you must pay the same amount for a tiny load as you would for a week’s worth of laundry. This makes laundromats very cost-inefficient for the amount of work it takes to complete a trip. When you pay for a full laundry service instead, you don’t have to worry about hauling your clothes around. 

Sanitary Issues

There is no way to know if the laundromat has been thoroughly cleaned each day. Because of the high foot traffic within laundromats, you expose your clothing to germs that other people may have brought in. There can also be issues with bedbugs and other pests. 

Laundromats are generally less sanitary than other methods of doing laundry. While some facilities are diligent about cleaning the facilities daily, others are not. Skip the unsanitary laundry facilities in 2022. 

Large Loads Require More Time

If you have multiple loads of laundry to do, chances are you will be sitting at the laundromat most of the day. It makes it difficult to get other errands done or go to work. Nobody wants to spend their entire day hanging around the laundromat to get their laundry done. 

With full-service laundry companies, you don’t have to spend hours switching your clothes between machines and taking them home. This also reduces the chance your clothes will turn up missing. If you want to spend less time dedicated to laundry in 2022, avoid the laundromat. 

Monroe Laundromats Can Be Far Away

If you live in a neighborhood far away from a Monroe laundromat, you might spend a lot of time traveling back and forth. 

You can avoid the long treks between home and the laundromat by using a Monroe laundry company instead. These services pick up your laundry and drop it back off to take the burden off of you. You can spend more precious time with loved ones without the hassle of a laundromat by using a full-service Monroe laundry company.

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