5 Time-Saving Tips for Your Morning Routine: Laundry Pickup Services and Beyond!  

5 Time-Saving Tips for Your Morning Routine: Laundry Pickup Services and Beyond!  

Good morning, sunshine! Whether you’re an enthusiastic early riser or have a hard time dragging yourself away from the cozy comfort of your bed, our morning routines can be a complex and difficult part of the day – and one in which we can certainly lose a lot of valuable time! If you find yourself rushing to get out the door, read on for a few ideas of ways you can save time as you get ready to face the day.

Make Hitting Snooze a Thing of the Past

While our half-asleep selves often value nothing more than a few extra moments of shut-eye, we also often regret the extra minutes spent snoozing when we’re stretching time thin across the rest of our routine. Cut down on those lost minutes by starting the day strong. While you might think that your bedside alarm is enough, it might be important to set your alarm – or even a second alarm – somewhere across the room. Not only will you avoid being late from a malfunctioning clock, you’ll also certainly be able to stay awake if you have to get out of bed to turn off a loud alarm!

Streamline Your Morning Shower

Heading right from bed into your morning shower can be another chance to whittle away precious minutes. If you can’t get with the idea of swapping your morning shower to an evening one, be sure to set limits on your time in the water. You might consider setting a timer, or even showering along to a playlist that runs for a certain amount of time. Alternatively, invigorate yourself while convincing yourself not to linger too long in the steam by opting for a cold morning shower.

Dress to Impress

Our sleep-addled brains can be indecisive – and that includes picking out what to wear for the day. An easy fix? Pick out your clothes the night before and lay them out for easy access. This way, you can slip into a great outfit with ease in the AM, helping you to face the day with confidence. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, use the weekend to plan for the whole week, grouping things together on hangers for easy-to-grab full outfits.

Get a Quick Caffeine Fix

Need your morning caffeine fix? Speed along the process to enjoying your morning cup of joe by setting up your coffee maker the night before so that you only have to turn it on when you’re getting ready. Alternatively, if you’re looking to splurge, you might be interested in opting for a programmable coffee maker, so you can set the time you’d like coffee to start brewing in advance. For even less fuss, you might consider a beverage-pod brewing system to enjoy a single cup of your favorite coffee or tea at a time.

Or Speed Up Your Morning Smoothie

Smoothies can be a great, healthy breakfast option that’s perfect for sipping on-the-go during your commute. However, the process of chopping up fruit and deciding on mix-ins can be complex during your morning. Smoothie prep can be simple! Pre-stock baggies of favorite frozen fruit combinations and other add-ins to grab and go, tossing them in the blender for a perfect breakfast fix. Or, you can even save the blends inside mason jars, leaving you with a built-in travel container for enjoying on the go!

Don’t Forget the Rest of Your Day

Sorted out your morning routine? Good! Now – it’s time to bring that drive for saving time to the rest of your day. If taking care of household laundry is a long and frustrating process for your family, we have an easy fix! Swap your trips to the laundromat in Monroe or long weekend afternoons spent sorting clothes for partnering with a premier Rockland laundry service. We collect your laundry at your doorstep, wash and fold each item, then deliver back your fresh, clean laundry. Schedule your first pickup today to change the way you think about tackling household chores!

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