From Kitchen Cleanup to Laundry Care: Your Guide to Better Planning for Household Chores

From Kitchen Cleanup to Laundry Care: Your Guide to Better Planning for Household Chores

Looking at all the household chores on your plate can be intensely overwhelming. The best way to begin tackling any monumental task is to organize! So, we raise the question – what are the best ways to plan ahead and keep your home clean and tidy? Read on for a few of our top tips to help you along the way on your household chores mission!

Identify High Traffic Areas

Not all places in your home are treated equally. While some spaces – like a formal dining room or an entryway – may see less usage, other spots – like the kitchen, bathrooms, or family room – deal with a lot more wear, tear, dust, and dirt. Start your cleaning plans by identifying which spaces will need the most help, then make it a point to clean those specific spaces more regularly – while the other rooms might need to wait until your next household deep clean.

Make a Chore Chart

All the burdens of keeping the house clean shouldn’t fall on one person. The solution? Make a plan to distribute the work! For example, set children up with a handful of age-appropriate chores. Little ones can learn to pick up and put away their toys, make their beds, help water plans, or other tasks. Older kids can help with chores like cleaning the bathroom, running the dishwasher, or changing sheets. Spouses and roommates can also help split work – just utilize a wall chart to see what needs to be done and check things off as you go.

Living alone? You don’t have to shoulder the weight of all the chores by yourself or deal with a Monroe laundromat – let Clean Go Solutions lighten your load, instead! Our mobile laundry service provides pick up and drop off to cover your laundry needs – so you can focus on all the rest.

Opt for a Calendar Schedule

Now that you’re organized who does what, it’s time to handle the “when.” Keep track of your chores and tasks on a calendar. Put down notes on when chores need to occur. For example, maybe you clean the bathroom weekly on a certain weekend morning, or you plan to clean out the pantry on the first of each month. Plus, having this calendar space is a perfect way to remember the right time for your regularly scheduled Clean Go Solutions laundry pickup!

Set Reminders

If you tend to lose track of time, there’s a simple solution – set yourself some reminders! Most phones have an app to send you notifications when you need to remember to complete tasks. You can organize yourself to receive regular reminders – to put out and receive clean laundry, to regularly clean out the fridge, or to put out trash or recycling for pickup. If you need to go analog, leave a sticky note on the bathroom mirror. Come morning, you won’t be able to forget!

Motivate Yourself

The best way to make sure those chores get completed? Work towards a reward! Nothing quite kicks a plan into action like some motivation to which you can look forward. A clean living room might be the perfect spot for a celebratory movie marathon and some much-needed relaxation – or a clean bathroom can be the best spot for a luxurious bath. Or, maybe the reward is something more material – like picking out some nice new clothes after cleaning out your closet!

At Clean Go Solutions, we believe that keeping a fresh, clean, relaxing home doesn’t have to be difficult – and especially not when it comes to laundry! Partner with our mobile laundry service to lighten your chore load with laundry care solutions that Rockland residents can count on. Plan your first pickup schedule today!

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