Got a Spare Moment? 5 Fast, Tidy Tips for Housekeeping Monroe Residents Will Love

Got a Spare Moment? 5 Fast, Tidy Tips for Housekeeping Monroe Residents Will Love

Do you find yourself wishing for a cleaner home – but daunted by the amount of time and upkeep that the process could entail? Well, take it from your cleaning experts – living in a tidy space doesn’t have to be an impossible task! Read on for a few of our favorite tips for fast and efficient housekeeping in Monroe and beyond.

Time Yourself

It’s true – we all sometimes get a little carried away wasting time when we’re cleaning. It happens when those tasks that we intended to finish in a few moments suddenly become minutes and even hours frittered away. You might plan to dust a bookshelf, but in removing all the different volumes to rearrange them, find some old favorites and sit down to flip through the pages and reminisce. While it’s fun, it can certainly cause you to lose important and valuable cleaning time! Stop this from happening early – set a timer for a limit of a certain amount of time, like 15 minutes. Keeping this impending alarm in mind, you’ll be sure to amp up the efficiency and finish the task in record time.

Multitask Masterfully

One easy way to save time? Double up – and plan to take on two tasks at the same time! For example – have to make a phone call, or spending a while waiting on hold? While you find yourself pacing the room, make use of your wandering by taking the chance to dust surfaces you notice along the way. You might also complete tasks while in waiting. Are you waiting on water to boil while cooking dinner? Take a moment to wipe down countertops or put away dishes piled up from earlier in the day. You can also multitask to make a chore seem more fun – like listening to a podcast or an audiobook of a title you’ve been excited to read.

Teamwork is Crucial

You can also cut down on the time you spend cleaning by spreading the efforts around. Enlist your family members to help on a variety of tasks – cleaning day can be a quicker job when it’s a group effort! One member can sweep floors, for example, while another tackles dishes or laundry. The best part? Once everything is complete, you can reward the crew with something fun – like a family game night. Another benefit is that getting everyone involved helps them learn to appreciate the efforts that go into keeping a home clean – so they’ll remember to take better care of the space moving forward!

Think Outside the Box

Sometimes, the fast solution you need might be right at your fingertips – just in an unfamiliar form. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, just like you shouldn’t judge a tool by its intended use! For example, think about a lint roller. While you might commonly use this decide to clean off your clothes, its uses go far beyond these basics. Try using it to remove lint and dust from lampshades, purses, or pillows. Or, use it in a pinch to pick up crumbs from a sofa or chair. Also, consider what you might do with a pair of old socks. They can be helpful in the process of dusting – especially trying to clean between blinds or to clear off dusty windowsills.

Spend Less Time on Laundry

Laundry day can be a monumental task – but not when you shake up the way you think about this time-intensive chore! Instead of trying to tackle that mountain of dirty clothes, opt for an easier solution – like convenient mobile laundry services. Explore the Clean Go Solutions website to schedule your first laundry pickup today! All you need to do is separate out your laundry loads into our provided bags, then leave them at your doorstep for pickup – and you’ll later be greeted with clean, fresh, folded laundry with almost none of the time and effort! Try us out today and learn what Clean Go Solutions can do to improve your day!

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