In a Pinch? Here’s 3 Quick Stain Solutions Until Your Next Laundry Pickup

In a Pinch? Here’s 3 Quick Stain Solutions Until Your Next Laundry Pickup

Oh no! Even the best of us can’t always avoid the occasional stubborn clothing stains – stemming from accidents like that tipped-over morning cup of coffee onto a work shirt, or those regular frustrations like food stains on kids’ clothes. During the hustle and bustle of your daily routines, there’s not always time for the immediate, attentive care that you might want to give these clothing items. However, leaving a stain to set into the fabric can make it even more difficult to fully remove down the line. So, act fast! There’s many different ways to remove clothing stains in a pinch, avoiding potential disaster until you can send them along with your next mobile laundry service pickup. Read on for a few helpful hints from CleanGo Solutions, your premier resource for Rockland laundry!

Spilled Your Morning Coffee?

We understand the importance of a morning caffeine fix – but sometimes, to our sleep-addled and uncoordinated brains, that morning cup of joe can quickly become your clothing’s worst nightmare. Even if you’re in a hurry, take a moment to think quickly before you rush out the door. Resist the temptation to scrub at the stain – instead, you’ll want to blot it with a paper towel or cloth to remove any excess liquid carefully. You can quickly dilute the stain with running water – but to tackle the leftover stain, you might consider utilizing some white vinegar mixed with water to saturate the stain, then blot away. Repeat these steps until the stain disappears! More stubborn stains might benefit from applying a paste-like mixture of powdered laundry detergent and white vinegar. However, be sure to protect your garment – if you’re nervous about applying anything to a piece, first spot check the treatment in a small location that isn’t visible to check for any potential risks of discoloration.

Stuck with Frustrating Deodorant Stains?

We all know the ongoing frustrations of combatting white deodorant marks that tend to hold tough to darker clothing. If you’re hoping to keep your clothing looking fresh, there’s a quick fix for you that’s easy enough to tackle even in a hurry. Reach for a dryer sheet or even some nylon stockings. These items actually work great to rub away deodorant marks quickly! However, if you’re seeking to remove more set in, dry marks, try creating a paste from baking soda and water. Let sit for a few hours before washing out.

Need to Remove Oil or Grease Quick?

When oily or greasy food stains set, they can be incredibly difficult to remove. Instead of delaying, reach for some baking soda or even baby powder. First, remove any excess oil with blotting, using a paper towel or cloth. Then, cover the stain with the baking soda or baby powder, allowing it to sit on top for a day to pull the greasy stain away from the fabric. After this, you can brush the excess powder away and refresh the garment during your next wash.

We hope that these tips can empower you with the tools you need to tackle those annoying stains early – and not leave the problem to persist until it’s too late. Handling laundry should never be frustrating – and that’s why CleanGo Solutions is here to help! We’re your premier resource for delivery laundry services in Rockland County – and we know how important it is to make the most of your time, while also having the peace of mind that your clothing is well-cared-for. Instead of running to a Stony Point laundromat, visit our website to schedule your first pickup appointment today! 

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