Spring Cleaning Time: Work Smarter, Not Harder Around the House with Laundry on Demand

Spring Cleaning Time: Work Smarter, Not Harder Around the House with Laundry on Demand

It’s April – and you know what that means! It’s prime time to accomplish some spring cleaning efforts around the house. Throughout the year, it becomes to easy to neglect plenty of problem cleaning areas – and those issues only become worse when we don’t address them with proper and prompt attention. As tradition decrees, now is a perfect time to go about tackling those projects to create a fresh and relaxing at-home environment for the season ahead. While you work on cleaning, it’s important to think ahead to find quick and easy solutions to not only help with the task at hand, but also to prepare to stay tidy and organized for longer once you’re finished! Read on for a handful of our favorite around-the-home tips.

In the Kitchen

It’s always a good idea to regularly clean out your fridge and pantry to begin tossing out all the unused or expired food and restore much-needed storage space. While you check and toss away those expired salad dressings or uneaten leftovers, think about how to effectively reorganize these spaces – so that future dinner food preparation will become even quicker and easier going forward. For example, look for ways to add storage. Your fridge might benefit from suction-cup baskets attached to the walls to better make use of vertical space, or the inside of your pantry door could be great for hanging snack or spice storage. Dividers placed inside refrigerator door shelves or crisper drawers stop produce from getting buried and forgotten. Furthermore, placing paper towels at the bottom of these drawers (and replacing them regularly) can help catch and remove fallen food debris before it becomes stuck on and requires more cleaning.

In the Bathroom

If you’ve been ignoring cleaning your tub or shower, now’s the time to tackle it! Spray down the area with your bathroom cleaner of choice, and allow it to sit while you tidy other areas. This way, you allow the cleaner to work and dissolve and loosen soap scum and dirt before you scrub it away. If you’re frustrated trying to reach cracks, corners, or grout spaces, try using a toothbrush! It’s also the perfect tool to clean up around the faucet. A handheld shower head makes it easy to rinse the area down.

Also, be sure to take a look inside your makeup cabinet! Makeup can expire – so it’s important to check the product label to discover how long each item can last and toss anything past its time. Tackle grimy brushes and extend their lifespan with a quick wash – opt for a gentle shampoo or a dish soap to more easily cut through oily makeup products. Wet the bristles, apply your product of choice, and swirl the bristles in your hand to clean out the product before rinsing. After patting dry gently, leave brushes to dry sideways to protect the bristles.

In Your Closet

Seeking to update your wardrobe for spring? Sorting all these clothes and trying to make decisions about what to keep and give away can be frustrated and confusing if you’re tackling the whole project in one go. Instead, take this opportunity to start a new system to make things easier for the year to come! As you organize your closet, arrange all your hangers so that they are facing in the same direction. After you wear something, turn the hanger around so that you’ll be able to keep track of what you have worn. The next time you clean, consider giving away items you haven’t worn yet – or making the effort to finally try them on!

For the clothes that you still love the best, give them the trusted laundry care they deserve. By opting to utilize laundry on demand providers like Clean Go Solutions, you’ll not only save time with our convenient pick-up and drop-off services, but also enjoy the cleanest, freshest results possible. Ready to experience the future of cleaning? Visit our website today to schedule your next pickup for all your Monroe laundry needs!

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