Stuck With a Laundry Room or Rockland Laundromat? 4 Clothing Care Tips for Apartment Living

Stuck With a Laundry Room or Rockland Laundromat? 4 Clothing Care Tips for Apartment Living

Relying on a shared space to take care of your regular 24 hour laundry care needs is no walk in the park. Between dealing with impatient neighbors, forgetting important clothing care supplies, navigating messy shared conditions, and carrying unwieldy baskets to and fro, using a laundry room or Rockland laundromat can pose a huge weekly frustration. However, there’s a few ways you can work to avoid these regular annoyances while attaining the fresh, clean laundry you desire. Read on to learn four ways that you can do it!

Presort Your Laundry Early

Don’t get stuck wasting valuable time at the laundry room sifting through all the clothes you want to wash. Instead, be sure to work with that built-up laundry pile early. Pre-sort your items before you head to the laundry room or laundromat. Separate items into different loads – you might even save some extra time by doing this as you toss items into different hampers or baskets after wearing them. At that same time, be sure to sort dark and light items, flip anything inside out that needs to be washed that way, and take note of any items that will need special attention. Some items may need to be pretreated for stains, removed before drying, or washed or dried at a reduced temperature.

Invest the Gear You’ll Need

Since you’ll be working in an awkward, smaller, or altogether different space, you’ll want to come armed with the right tools to tackle the job. With so much to carry, you might have to make adjustments. Opt for a carrying bag or caddy to hold what you need. You might want to bring along detergent in a smaller-sized, refillable bottle to save space, along with a small amount of the dryer sheets you’ll need. A fanny pack or belt bag is a great choice to stay hands-free while storing your keys, quarters for machines, credit cards, your cell phone, or anything else you’ll need on-hand. For anything you’ll need to air dry at home, you might want to invest in a foldable drying rack – perfect for hand-wash items or anything too delicate for a dryer. Here’s a tip to avoid unwanted creases from this method – cut a pool noodle and fit it over the bars before hanging your items!

Be Considerate of Others

When you’re sharing a space with plenty of other people, the golden rule applies. So, be sure to be considerate of others as you’d like them to be considerate of you and your clothes! To create a better space for everyone involved, here’s a few things to keep in mind. First, everyone is hoping to take care of this chore as quickly as possible. So, be sure to be prompt and attentive with your laundry! No one likes waiting on a delayed individual to come retrieve their finished laundry. Set yourself a timer and be sure to arrive back briefly before your laundry finishes – so you can remove it in a timely manner. If this isn’t possible, you might want to leave behind a basket, so that someone in a hurry has somewhere to move your clothes. Also, do your part to keep the space clean. For example, be sure to wipe away any detergent spills and clean the lint from drying machines. The next person to use the space will thank you!

Or… Partner with Clean Go Solutions

Considering all this extra work can lead to a huge hassle when laundry day rolls around – whether you’re opting to lug laundry loads down to a shared laundry room or instead are bringing them along to the nearest Rockland laundromat. Instead, make the easy choice. Turn to Clean Go Solutions and fully rethink the way you clean your clothes! Our full pick up and delivery laundry services give you the time you need to tackle other household chores while your laundry is washes, folded, and delivered for a perfectly fresh clean. Ready to schedule your first pickup? Explore our website today to learn more!

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