Wear it Again! 4 Ways to Extend New Life to Old Clothes

Wear it Again! 4 Ways to Extend New Life to Old Clothes

Are you finding that getting dressed in the morning is becoming more frustrating than fun? Do you feel stuck in a style rut – sticking to the same tired pieces again and again? Maybe you’re feeling the itch to shop for a whole new look – but are committed to staying budget-conscious or reducing your personal fashion consumption. How can you refresh your style – and boost your confidence – while working with your same-old, everyday clothes?

Thankfully, there’s plenty of options available to you – whether that might mean grabbing some scissors, finding some fresh inspiration, or reviving those tried-and-true closet staples with the help of Rockland laundry services. Read on for a few tips on how you can utilize your wardrobe to its fullest potential!

Do a Little DIY-ing

Still love the fit of your favorite shirt, hoodie, or jeans – but finding that they’re looking a little boring? Get into a crafty mindset – what’s old can certainly be made new again through some fun DIY projects!

Sometimes, the quickest fixes can be your best option. If you’re feeling brave (or are fully prepared to risk discarding a piece anyway), grab some fabric scissors! A quick snip can turn a boring t-shirt into a fun crop top or a fringed festival-style shirt, or a pair of jeans into some new capris or shorts.

If issues like stubborn stains or holes are making you consider tossing your old favorite pieces, think twice. Whether shopping online or at your favorite craft store, it’s easy to find a wide variety of interesting embroidered or screen-printed patches that could add a new, personal touch to your clothes while also being functional!

Shake Up Your Style

This point can be a simple solution – make new efforts to wear your existing clothes in different and inventive ways. Do you find yourself always pairing the same top and skirt? Outfits don’t exist in unchangeable units! Try something different. For example, challenge yourself to create multiple outfits with the same piece – without reusing the same clothes from the last look. Does finding these new combinations give you a new perspective on your existing wardrobe?

When you’re searching for options, think outside the box with your outfit pairings. Pattern mixing is all the rage – and can certainly add some spice to your style! Try matching florals with stripes – or pairing something geometric with something abstract. Or, set aside the neutrals and try matching together some bold, unexpected colors.

Swap with a Friend

Do you know someone else facing a style rut who shares your size – whether that be a sibling, roommate, or other friend? In any case, two closets are better than one. Try organizing a swap of some pieces with which you’re both happy to part. This no-cost solution can be a great way to refresh your closet options and freely experiment with styling up pieces that you might not have originally picked out for yourself. By working around something new, you might even discover new ways to use your own closet favorites!

Show Your Old Favorites a Little TLC

It’s not uncommon to find yourself avoiding wearing certain clothing pieces for fear of the eventual cleaning efforts. Or, maybe your well-worn favorites aren’t getting the attention they need to stay soft, well-folded, and wrinkle-free. We get it – laundry care can be so much work, especially when you have a busy schedule on your plate! When it comes to lugging around heavy loads of clothes to a Monsey or Monroe laundromat, you likely find yourself wondering if there’s a better way to keep your wardrobe clean and in great condition. There’s an easy solution to free up your closet options without all that extra work: make the switch to a mobile laundry service!

Clean Go Solutions serves Rockland County residents as a full wash and fold laundry pick-up and delivery service – meaning that you can enjoy all the benefits of fresh-smelling, fluffy, neat, and folded laundry without all the usual time and energy costs. With an organized drawer to greet you during your morning routine, you’ll be well on your way to feeling excited to get dressed. Choose to make it a great day – place your pickup order online now with Clean Go Solutions!

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