Answers to our frequently asked questions
How does your service work?

We pick up your laundry at the convenience of your doorstep, We wash all loads separately, we dry each load separately including delicate items at lower heat, we fold everything neatly, we organize and package each load separately, so you can place it in right in to your drawer. Laundry care has never looked this good.

How do you charge for my service?

We go by the load. We charge $45 for a one time load, or $400 for a 10-load package. That's savings of $50!

What's your turnaround time?

Depending on your zip code, day, and on demand service, is next day except Friday.

How can I contact Cleango customer service?

By calling, texting, or what's apping (845)-877-7573 if no answer leave a detailed message and we will have someone contact you either same day, or next business day.

What is a load?

3/4 full drum size of your residential washing machine at home, we specifically do 3/4 loads because it washes better. We also provide bags for you to separate each load.

What do I do with stained clothing like baby clothes, whites or lights?

Put it in a separate bag and label it stained. We will pretreat it and soak it for you.

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